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The need for a launcher

A launcher is a fundamental feature in your Android Phone or tablet. Stock launchers aside, there are plenty of launchers available in the Android ecosystem with a plethora of features and options at hand. This enables Android users to accessorize and customize their device in the way they choose to and the most essential facet that defines a personal device is the user interface. This is where Action Launcher 3 Pro Android App comes to the fore.

Staying true to Android

Action Launcher 3 Pro Apk (the application package) has an edge when it comes to being a fully functional paid application. Although a free version exists, the pro version frequently figures in the top ten lists of Android applications frequently. For instance, Verge – the tech enthusiast website bookmarked by users the world over lists Action Launcher 3 Pro in the top 10 Material Design Android Applications. What this means is that Action Launcher 3 Pro Apk or otherwise, stays true to Android’s material design developed by the engineers at Google. In other words, the application looks and feels very much of the Android L (Lollipop) 5.0.2 system and will fit right into the environment of your phone or tablet, blending in and scarcely looking out of place.

All the fanfare that comes with a popular application

Adding to the list of plaudits, Action Launcher 3 Pro also finds itself firmly in the best android launchers of 2015 list put together by Android Central. Such acclaim gives the developer and the launcher the credit where it is due. Moreover, the features tell plenty about the application, letting you know all you need to know about the launcher.

Seamless integration with existing functionality

If you’re using multiple icon packs, gestures and layouts from other the stock Google Now Launcher or indeed other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Now, Sense or Touchwiz, fret not! Action Launcher 3 Pro Apk contains a built-in function which enables you to completely port or carry over the data, settings and the customized layout you are already used to, directly over to Action Launcher 3 Pro. The launcher is only getting started, impressive as it is when the portability from the default/stock or a different launcher proves to be seamless.

Application numbers

Despite being devised and put together by an individual developer, Action Launcher 3 Pro Apk has nearly 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. That’s plenty of fanfare and for good reason too – the launcher is seamless and feels like a part of Android L, even though it is a different launcher altogether.
At nearly 6.6 MB, the application Apk isn’t a huge footprint on your phone or tablet’s storage or memory. It doesn’t consume a lot of RAM despite being an application that needs to run constantly in the background.

Launcher Features!

A novel feature – Quicktheme! Sticking to the material design, Action Launcher 3 Pro Android App blends the colors from your background wallpaper to customize the entire appearance of your device’s layout and interface. Fundamentally, the Google Search box, folder backgrounds and plenty more screens can all be mimicked to look like the background due to Quicktheme.
Covers! Create folders by putting together similar applications together. Not only will this make your screen look better in a minimalistic sense, it will also enable you to launch applications, shortcuts and other features with gestures and more whilst still retaining your home screen, just the way you like it.
Another one – Shutters! This is one for all the Android widgets that come with the applications on your Android device. Simply swipe at an app icon and that’s the shortcut to quickly pull up the related widget which can then be added in your home-screen or any one of the multiple screens.
Complete customization! Customize the look, feel and size of your application list by arranging them horizontally or vertically through endless page scrolling that will make your apps accessible in a cyclic loop. It may sound like a lot to do but it’s all about customizing your phone the way you want it.
Full tablet support! Download Action Launcher 3 Pro Apk has full integration with high resolution displays. You can breathe easy if you’re looking to have it on your tablet!

Go ahead, try downloading Action Launcher 3 Pro android APK. You won’t regret it!

Older APK Versions

    Action Launcher 3.5.0 APK (Updated: July 7, 2015)
    Action Launcher 3.4.2 APK (Updated: May 19, 2015)
    Action Launcher 3.4.1 APK (Updated: May 14, 2015)
    Action Launcher 3.4.0 APK (Updated: April 21, 2015)
    Action Launcher 3.2.2 APK (Updated: February 23, 2015)
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