Download Camscanner Android

Couple of years ago, people used to have special scanners in order scan documents, pictures, invoices etc. However, that time is long gone now. You now do not need to own a scanner in order scan various documents. You smartphone camera will act as a scanner. However, the camera will not be able to process these documents in the way a real scanner does. In order to bridge this gap, Camscanner Android APK has come into existence to provide you the best scanning facilities. Yes, this APK has the capability to scan documents, invoices, cards, pages and any other document and provide an amazing and enhanced result. All you need to do is to simply bring your camera over the document, and this application will do all the remaining work for you. However, this application is not famous merely because it acts as a scanner. There are many other fantastic features offered by this APK which tend to provide you a valuable and enriched experience. Let us have a look at the useful features in detail in order to realize their significance.

Automatically optimizes scan quality

When you scan a document using this application, the result is pretty amazing. This is because the application automatically optimizes scan quality of the document. It automatically crops the picture and enhances the colors in order to make the scanned document look perfect. Moreover, once this optimization has been done, the texts and graphics look sharp and clear and can be easily read on your mobile phone. You can then make use of these scanned copies to create PDF documents to be transferred to other people.

Quick Search

Once a scanned copy has been added to the database of this application, you can simply access it without any issue. You simply need to add the word or phrase which you are looking for in the search bar, and this application will return you with all the scanned copies in which that word or phrase occurs. Yes, this means that this application can easily read the text in the pictures in order to extract information from it. What can be more awesome than this?

Extract text from images

One of the most amazing and unique features offered by this application is that it has the ability to extract text from images. No matter what document your scan using Camscanner Android APK, the application will easily extract text out of the document and convert it in text file, where you can make changes to the words or even send the text to other people. This is surely one of the best features this app offers. However, you should make sure that the document is properly scanned since it is quite difficult to extract text from documents which are not properly scanned. Once you have extracted the text, you can share it with other people or use it as you want. This is really helpful since now you do not actually need to type in all the text on a document, this application will do the work for you. If you are interested in getting this amazing feature, download the APK right away.

Share JPEG or PDF files

You have the chance to create JPEG as well as PDF files using the pictures which you have scanned using this application. Once the pictures have been scanned and verified, they are in JPEG format and are ready to be shared with other people. You can share these pictures on other social networking applications or send it other people via email. However, you also have the fantastic chance to create a PDF document using various scanned pictures. PDF documents are the most common form of files which comprise meaningful information. You can specify the order of various pages while the PDF is being made. Once done, you can easily share the document with other people.

Print the documents

Once you are done scanning your document, you can directly send a command to the printer from your phone in order to print the document. This printer will be usually connected to your device using Bluetooth or an internet connection. This feature has made it possible to duplicate several documents in a matter of seconds.

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