Download Facebook Lite Android

Facebook Lite Android APK has been specifically designed to work with mobile data networks. This application allows you to use Facebook on your phone without incurring much data charges. It has been designed with a quite simple and easy-to-use interface, which takes up quite less memory on your device. Moreover, the app also runs quite fast due to its small size. It is astonishing to see that an application with loads of features for you takes no more than 1 Mb of space on your device. What can be more amazing and intriguing than this? The best part about Facebook Lite is that it enables you to use all the features which are offered by Facebook just by using this application. So if you looking for a social networking application which will not incur you high data charges, then this APK is surely the perfect option for you. Install its APK in your device and try it out to see what it has got in store for you.

Simple interface

The underlining feature of this application is its simple interface, with only the most relevant buttons on the screen. There are basically three buttons on the top of the screen; the first one is for friend requests, second one is for messages and the third one is for notifications. Other than that, there is a bar at the right of the screen which you can click to see your profile or open various settings. All of the things which your friends post will appear in the newsfeed, which takes up most of your screen. This means that you will always be updated with what your friends are posting and sharing. You can simply click on the “comment” icon in order to read the comments on a particular post. Similarly, you can also add a comment of your own and post it right away. Similarly, you can like and share a post right from your newsfeed. Can there be anything simpler than these actions?

Message your friends

Using Facebook Lite Android APK, you can access the messaging or Inbox feature which is offered by Facebook. Yes, now you can keep a track of all of your messages just by using this amazing applications. All you need to do is the press the button at the top center of the screen, and all of the messages will pop open in front of you. You can individually select the person whom you wish to message through this application. You can also search for people by writing their names in the search bar appearing on the screen. There are a lot of features which are included in Facebook messaging:

Send emoticons to your friends
Share a file or document
Send a picture to your friends
Upload a video from your device
Write as much long messages as you want to

These features not only make the conversations interactive, they also make them more interesting and allows people to get more engaged in them. Moreover, this app also allows you a chance to create messaging groups on Facebook. You can add as many friends in a group as you want. Once the group has been made, all of the people in the group can send messages to each other. This is an amazing way in order to keep a group of friends connected or discuss something important.

Post statuses and pictures

The best thing about this application is that it provides you all the features of Facebook while keeping everything as simple as possible. You also have the chance to update your status right from this application. You can also share pictures and videos for your friends. However, keep in mind that if you are running this app on a 2G network, it might take a lot of time to upload videos. So if it a good idea to just stick to uploading statuses and pictures using this app…Moreover, once you have posted your status, you friends can like it, comment on it or even share it. So remain socially active with this amazing application.

If you are interested in the unique and aspiring features offered by this app, download the APK and install it on your device without any delay.

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