Download Facebook Messenger Android

Are you looking for a fantastic application which will allow you to communicate on Facebook with your friends and colleagues? Well, then you are at the right place. Facebook Messenger Android APK is the best and official APK launched by Facebook in order to provide messaging service to people. It is internally connected to the Facebook application; however, the messages will only be displayed in this app. The overall look and design of this application is flawless. This app has surely won the hearts of many people due to its unique look and attractive features. It offers all the functions which are sufficient to make your chat interesting as well as interactive. The real-time notifications enable you to keep yourself updated with the latest messages in your inbox. Let us explore what features and functions this messaging APK brings for us.

Group Chats

One of the underlining features of this messaging app is that it allows you to have group chats with your friends. The groups could be created for the purpose of fun or even for something important. You can create a group chat yourself and all the people you wish to add. However, while making a group chat, you are only able to add those people which are currently in your friend list. Once the group is made, the people within the group can then share messages, pictures and videos with each other. In addition to this, you can also control various features of the group after it has been created:

You can change the name of the group
You can add a new person to the group
You can delete someone from the group
You can view people in the group
You can edit the privacy settings

These settings provide you a chance to get a greater control over the group. You can also provide these privileges to another person in the group, who can then also change the group settings by themselves.

Share pictures and videos

In order to make the communication more interactive, Facebook Messenger APK allows you to share pictures and videos with your friends using this messaging application. All you need to do is to simply upload the picture or video using this application and then send it right away to the person you wish to send it to. However, keep in mind that once a piece of information has been shared on Facebook messages, you can reverse the action. The other person will surely see that message once he opens this app on his phone. You can also receive high definition pictures from your friends on this app. Keep in mind, however, that only a video of a fixed size could be sent through this messaging app. So if the video which you are sending is quite big, then you will have to cut it down in order to send it using this APK.

Call your friends for free

One of the latest features offered by Facebook messaging application is the ability to call your friends with ease. You can call anyone in your friends list for free at any time. Moreover, there is no limit to the duration of the call which you can make. All you need to do is to have a working data plan on your device in order to make the call. It would be a better idea to connect your phone to Wi-Fi before making the call in order to get a better experience. You will be surely glad to experience the amazing voice quality of Facebook calls. After using this calling service, you will surely not want to use any other calling service.

Chat heads all over your screen

This messenger has a quite unique interface. If you are chatting with someone, a chat head appears on your screen. This chat head will remain on the screen until you are chatting with that person. The chat head is basically in the form of a circle with the picture of your friend in it whom you are talking to. If you are talking with multiple friends, multiple chat heads will appear on your screen. This provides an amazing way to open chats and easily switch between them without going through any trouble.

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