Download MX Player Android

Nowadays people want to watch videos all the time. They are looking for good applications which could enhance their experience and provide them with the best video quality. In this regard, MX player has come into existence into order to provide these people with the best features incorporated into an amazing interface. If you are really a fan of watching videos in the perfect possible way, then surely this app is the best option for you. It takes into consideration a variety of factors to ensure that you can easily control your videos with a number of simple gestures. It also tries to enhance your video quality by removing excessive noise from the background in order to ensure that you get a valuable experience. Let us get a deep insight into other features offered by this amazing APK.

Multicore decoding

MX player Android APK is one of the few applications which support multicore decoding. This feature has been added keeping into consideration that most devices nowadays come with dual core or multicore processors. With the help of this functionality, devices with multicore processors will be able to perform 70% better as compared to single core devices. Of course, this app will surely give good performance on phones with single core processors, but it will surely perform quite impressively on dual or quad core devices. Do you wish to give this amazing feature a try? Then wait no longer and download this APK this instance.

Pinch to zoom and pan

One of the distinguishing features of this application is its ability to perform a number of operations using gestures. For example, you can easily zoom in by pinching the screen inwards. Similarly, you can easily zoom out as well by pinching the screen outwards. You can also moving from one scene to the next one by simply swiping across the screen. You are given a complete list of gestures which you can perform once you start using this application. So what are you waiting for? Just get hold of this amazing APK as fast as you could so you do not waste a moment further before using it in your device.

Other gestures

There are also a number of other gestures which you can use in order to control various things in your video. Let us have a look at those gestures as well.

      You can increase the volume of your video by sweeping upwards on the right of your screen. This can easily let you control the volume without the need of any buttons.


    You can increase or decrease the brightness of your video by swiping up or down respectively on the left of your screen.

In addition to these gestures, there are some gestures which enable you to control the sub-titles which appear on the screen. This helps you in controlling what text you need on the screen. In fact, you have also got the changes to remove the subtitles in case you do not like them.

      You can swipe towards left at the bottom of the screen in order to move to the previous subtitle.


      You can swipe towards the right at the bottom of the screen in order to move to the next subtitle.


    You can pinch outwards or inwards in order to increase our decrease the size of the subtitles. What else would one want?

Kids lock

Have you ever been in that situation where you handed over your phone to your kids so they could watch a video but they messed up everything on your phone? Well surely it was not their fault. Kids hardly know what they are doing. In order to save you from this problem, this APK comes with a special lock for children. All you need to do is to activate this lock and then hand over your phone to kids without worrying. This lock will make sure that the video keeps playing until the lock has been deactivated. And rest assured that the lock is complicated enough to be unlocked by kids. What else would one want from this amazing APK?

There are loads of other features like these offered by MX Player Android APK. All you need to do is to download and install this amazing app on your device, and you will get entitled to all of those exciting features right away!

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