Download PicsArt Android

Nowadays, people are sharing their pictures and videos on social networks all the time. People need good pictures for their id cards, profile photos, socializing and for a lot of other purposes. It is not wrong that everyone wants their picture to perfect. In order to accomplish this, they have to make use of editing software in order to edit and transform their pictures. Some of these editing software are simple while other are complication. In between this, PicsArt Android application has come into being which promises to offer you a lot of complicated features in order to add a touch of perfection to your pictures. However, the best part is that this app is quite simple and easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge prior to using it. Of course, it comprises of a number of complicated features as well, but there are simple controls which make it quite easy for you to edit your pictures and make them as perfect as ever. Let us dig into the features and functionalities which this application has to offer and discuss them in detail.

Real-time photo filters

Most of the editing applications provide you a chance to apply filters to your pictures in real-time. However, this amazing app allows you to apply filters to your pictures in real-time. This means that you can adjust various features and apply filters to your screen before taking a picture. This enables you to click a photo in the best possible way. There are over hundreds of live filters which you can apply to these pictures in order to add a touch of perfection to them. These filters are a combination of various effects, which save you from the hefty task of apply every individual effect to your picture yourself. However, if you are not satisfied with the filters offered by this application, you could design filters of your own as well.

Make Collages

There are many situations where we need a good collage in order to show to our friends. For example, you might want to make a collage in order to wish your friend his birthday. In order to achieve this, this APK provides you an amazing chance to design different types of collages by making use of the features available. You can use the collage frames already included in this app or you can randomly place the pictures on screen in order to make your own frame. There are loads of frames of different styles, shapes and backgrounds from which you can choose. You just need to drag the pictures from your photo library in these frames and set their orientation. Once done with this, you collage will be ready to be shared with other people.

Share photos

You have the chance to upload your pictures on the online gallery included in this application. In this gallery, you can make a folder of your own and add the pictures which you think are good. Other people will then be able to view these pictures of yours and leave their comments. This is, in fact, the best way to get the feedback of other people regarding your edited pictures. You also have the facility to share these edited pictures on other social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. So do not wait any more and get hold of this APK instantly.

Apply text, overlays or stickers

You can add a number of elements on your picture including text, overlays, stickers etc. You can add text of various fonts or sizes. For example, if you are editing a picture for your identity card, you can add your name on the picture with ease. In addition to this, there are also a lot of stickers available in this app which you can add to your picture in order to make it look funny or interesting. In fact, you can also access some complicated features in this APK such as applying brushes, layers etc. Using these features, you can add a unique artistic touch to your pictures so they look unique as well as amazing. Surely, you will get to know more about this mesmerizing app once you download and install its APK on your device.

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