Download Temple Run 2 Android

The Gaming Craze

Mobile app games are absolutely popular from kids to adults and pretty much everything in between. You are bound to see a person looking down on their mobile Android phone or tablet playing some sort of game at some point. Maybe you are reading this article and you can see someone doing just that right now. That’s how much we love games and how popular they have become. The Temple Run 2 Android App is no different.

The Sequel to the Popular Temple Run

In fact, Temple Run 2 Apk, just like it’s predecessor, is one of the most popular games download around the world! Created by the amazing people behind the first Temple Run game, Imangi Studies, Temple Run 2 APK pretty much like the first except bigger and better and chock full of amazing new features and characters for you to enjoy. If you were found of the original, you will like this and you should download Temple Run 2 Apk right now. However, if you weren’t a fan of the first one or you were living under a rock all of this time, we have detailed discussion of what Temple Run 2 is like just for you.

Gaming Features

The game boasts of the following features that it is bound for old fans of the first game to get a whole different and exciting experience this time around:

Better and more beautiful graphics
Even better looking environments and scenery
New and challenging obstacles (zip lines, mine tracks, sharper turns, waterfalls, jets of fire, etc.)
More powerups to utilize
More achievements to unlock
New special powers for each character
And, hold on to your hats, a BIGGER monkey!

As of 2014, eleven (11) characters have been introduced into the game as well as old favorites from the past:

Guy Dangerous
Scarlet Fox
Barry Bones
Karma Lee
Francisco Montoya
Maria Selva
Zack Wonder
Montana Smith
Bunny Guy
Usain Bolt
Santa Clause (Christmas Edition – by purchase)
Claus (Christmas Edition – by purchase)
Bruce Lee (limited special edition)


The controls are still the ever familiar ones from the old game so old players will know this right away but they are just as easy for beginners and newbies to the game. However, the actual gameplay has changed somewhat because of the new obstacles and such. It also has the characters running faster than ever before! So, if you aren’t used to the game it can be tricker for you to get a hang of things. But practice makes perfect and that is why Temple Run 2 APK is so addicting.

Your main opponent is Cuchanck, a bigger monkey than the ones found in the original game. In fact the three monkeys who were the antagonists from before are totally gone! You will only have to deal with Cuchanck now. You are also transported to entirely different location but is equally as appealing and breathtaking. Playing this APK will never be an eye sore for sure.


Not surprisingly the initial reception and reaction to this sequel game was immensely positive. There have been more than a billion downloads of this game to-date. Gaming critics (Meatcritic, GameRankings, Edge, etc.) have all given generally very good reviews of the game. Though some have criticized that it was only a repeat of the first one without that many new surprises. However, despite this, the sheer amount of praise that the game has received and the millions and millions of download can only attest to the games success and popularity among the mobile gaming community.


The newest version of the game now boasts of new characters such as Usain Bolt sporting his running outfit from the Olympics. As well as minor bug fixes and optimizations to increase the overall gaming experience for its players.

Hopefully, by now you are just as excited to download this APK as a number of other people around the world. Temple Run 2 is an amazing and addicting game that you can play for hours and hours on end. You will find yourself wanting more and more each time you play. So go ahead and download this game right now!

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