Download Tom’s Love Letters for PC/Tom’s Love Letters on PC

Follow the lovelife of your favorite cats – Tom and Angela. Tom’s Love Letters for PC is easier to use and it will help you court Angel and to express your love to her as Tom. This is not just for the lovers but it will also let you send letters to other characters who are friends with Angela and Tom!

Tom’s Love Letters Game Highlights

To learn more about what the game can offer, keep on playing until it reveals everything. Though it comes with tutorial, these are only simple and it aims to let you learn how to get started. The Tom’s Love Letters features are:

Tom’s Love Letters for PC game has great animations and graphics designs. It also comes with music background and animation that will let you feel like love is really in the air.
The game console, menu and icons are simple and there are only few to choose from. You have three buttons at the bottom, first are the store, second are the music and third are the list of notes.
If you find the notes sweet enough to share, then click share at the top left part of the screen. You can save it to your gallery, share it via Twitter, Facebook or SMS.

Love is in the Air, Read Tom’s Love Letters

Expect a lot of notes with pictures through Tom’s Love Letters for PC that will let you express your love whether you are playing as Tom or as Angela. The built-in notes include “I still love you like the first day”, “Together forever”, “You are so hot”, “You are my lady”, “Guess who loves you?”, “Best Buddies Forever”, “You are Mine!”, “I do!” and etc.

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How Nox App Player Works with Tom’s Love Letters for PC

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How to Download Tom’s Love Letters for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Nox App Player and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Nox App Player by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

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Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Tom’s Love Letters download.

Step 5: Find Tom’s Love Letters and start the installation.

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Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Nox App Player remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Nox App Player OS to the installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Tom’s Love Letters on PC!!!

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