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Trivia Crack: A New Way to Re-experience Trivia

The world of trivia is up for another breakthrough with Trivia Crack ANDROID APP. Etermax develops this game for entertainment purposes and to rekindle the passion of trivia enthusiasts in a more social-friendly concept over multiplayer access. You can use the collectable cards to enjoy the surprises offered inside and compete among friends worldwide!Trivia Crackfurther extends your knowledge in the 6 categories consisting of History, Sports, Geography, Art, Entertainment and Science. A choice of adorable characters represents each of these groups while the iconic Willy the Wheel spins to get things started. The first to acquire all 6 is hailed as the winner.

Pleasurable Game Feel

Most of Trivia Crack’s features rely on a good Internet link. Therefore, Trivia Crack APK launches via Internet connectivity, as this is where it gets the data while also searching for a real-time opponent worldwide. The great figuresspanning up to 50 million downloads only proves there is a strong fan base for trivia apps anywhere in the world. Various users upload the Q&As while the ones behind the system application ensures that only the right answers and real facts are saved on its database.

Lull Away the Time

Ideally, a trivia checks on your intellectual know-hows from past and current sets of learning materials. The best way to enjoy this is to pose the challenge among your friends. Download Trivia Crack APK and take a step into a delightful trivia experience where you can also connect via social media configuration. Crack new offers regularly by collecting cards and keep up with the game like never before.

Put these Features to a Test

BE PART OF THE FUN- Translate, rate and suggest questions using Trivia Crack’s Question Factory section. Break down the language barrier by helping in the translation and straighten up the facts. Leave a rating on certain Q & As that make a strong impact to you
CHAT IT OVER A TRIVIA- Use the built-in messaging system to engage in real-time conversations among players online. Invite friends via integrated social media sharing found in the app and challenge their wits and strategies altogether
MORE SPINS & MORE COINS – Visit Trivia Crack ANDROID APP in-game shop to purchase loads of lifeline so it never runs out.
VIEW WHAT’S HAPPENING- Check out the daily ranking, challenges, game progress and don’t forget to share it
EXCELLENT GAME PERFORMANCE- Experience HD and intuitive controls by installing Trivia Crack APK.

Game on!

To begin, a player only needs to call out some friends over social media or with any random players currently online. Download Trivia Crack APK and create a profile over the very attractive user interface. A matchmaking system also allows players to get an opponent anytime. After the other end accepts the challenge, the challenger then spins the Willy Wheel to randomly select the first category and jump right into the game. It can be any of the aforementioned categories or a quick stop for some new exciting challenge.

Cracking the Trivia

The mechanics of the game are fair enough as it lets the players subsequently handle every question with the right answer. For the most part, only 3-consecutive correct answers already give the chance to select a specific category of his or her own choice.

In the process you will earn in-game currencies and special powerups to turn the tables around if necessary
Powerups consists of 2nd chances, a choice of filtered answers to go over or a chance to turn the odds of losing to your opponent
Challenging Rounds offer players the opportunity to takeaway the crown from their opponents via lightning strike. It consists of 5 closely related questions that almost seem to appear as dead giveaway.

What Lies Under

To get on with the fever, they say a quick wit and a fair amount of stocked knowledge in the brain is all it needs. Trivia Crack APK is suitable enough for any functioning computer device of your choice. It is also fully integrated with Android UI for better implementation of the controls. Frequent and exciting new updates ensures that no similarities in the past Q&As will land the second time. Truly, it doesn’t feel like a hard game to crack when you’re enjoying every bit of what it has to offer.

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