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Zombie Tsunami: A Massive Zombie Revolution

The most inventive and innovative apps in mobile gaming have surpassed many new releases at the Play Store. Zombie Tsunami ANDROID APP opens to a world where zombie waves have taken over the arcade running history. A massive zombie revolution transpires, with you as one of the zombies trying to hunt down the survivors. Even the toughest guys run for their lives when you start chasing them amidst all the distractions. Everyone is likely to join in once you have eaten up the others. The game is presented in an endless running adventure to make zombie fanatics start their own zombie apocalypse with all the rest of these exciting features.

Brains, Brains and More Brains

Amazingly enough, the developers, (Mobigame) made a highly successful app with this offer. Zombie Tsunami APK surely did impress a handful of game critiques in the gaming world. described it as a ‘Claymation style of walking and jumping dead’, which is by the way quite true when you see the graphics. It seems like the first of its kind that really resembles the clay figures used in animations. Indeed, is certain when it suggested how one never have to look any further if they’re searching for a really ‘fantastic game’.

The Last One Standing

Have FUN with the whole family and download Zombie Tsunami APK to enjoy all the great features that comes with the pack. Add as many wailing and walking dead to your crowd and keep it going. It’s an endless feat until one zombie is left with enough energy to run the mile. Never mind if the very first zombie you started with is already dead (?). What’s important here is you have endured controlling the arcade runner tirelessly through different cities.

Inevitably stumble with these IAPs

Fortunately, there are more ways than one to live when your zombie is in trouble. Other than eating up eyeballs, brains and all the juicy stuffs, your objective is to set out turmoil and turn everyone into sleepwalkers. Zombies have to survive in here so definitely you’ll chance upon upgrades along the way. These are essential to strengthen your cluster of zombies to keep you ahead of everybody. Let’s see take a look at the prices.

Pack of Gold bars $29.99
Starter pack $1.99
Handful of Diamonds $1.99
Gold Bar $9.99
Blue Pills (3) for $0.99
Coin Packs $0.99
Red Pills (3) for $0.99
Coin Doublers $1.99
Coin Columns $1.99

What’s up ahead?

Call it crazy, ridiculous or sadistic but Zombie Tsunami APK really has all these ingredients. It’s pretty much your cute clay version of all the other grownup zombie games with apocalypse theme on it.

Check out the new Blast Processing Feature
Wide range of Android models optimisation
9 worldwide places to explore the zombies with
Over 300 missions to take charge and to cause chaos
Eat survivors hiding inside trucks, buses and cars
Watch out for the 8 bonuses and devastating powerups
Experience Android gaming like no other with Zombie Tsunami APK

How to play Zombie Tsunami ANDROID APP

To help you with the game, we have gathered here a few tips so you don’t have to wonder how it all strikes. Zombie Tsunami adds its own twist to the usual zombie action genre where you will usually have to fight off with the undead fellows. In this game, you are the badass so definitely be ready to turn into one of those green coloured monsters with large eyes!

Start the game with one zombie and let it run over the streets
Hound people to add to your flock of flesh-hungry creatures
Eat as many survivors to stick to the game longer
Gobble up anything on your way and rule the planet full of zombies
Activate the Giant Zombie to shoot eyeballs with the lasers
Use the Ninja to get around the cities unseen
Take a step inside the UFO to clone more zombies lookalikes
Create a massive zombie revolution amidst the tanks, bombs and traps
New update lets you hunt down your real-life buddies

Taking the higher leap

Although the overall mechanics may seem a lot like your basic arcade runner, Zombie Tsunami APK is still at par with the majority of free-to-play game with the most impressive replay value.

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