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Mighty Fighter 2 image

Mighty Fighter 2 image

Mighty Fighter 2 image

The description of Mighty Fighter 2

Mighty Fighter 2

Ultimate Fighting Games parody of Mighty Fighter 2 Special open!

They gathered the weakest fighter in the world.

Infinite combos and super special moves is a prerequisite for survival!

★ Single mode ▶ alone crappy fighter and defeat goes !!!★ ships Team mode ▶ 3 people teamed up to defeat a fighter goes crappy team !!!★ Arcade mode ▶ number of villains to defeat the boss of each stage and defeat the proceeds (Final Fight is not envious)★ dogfight ▶ 6 people fighting at the same time on one stage! Never discount !!!! Best thrill of the game!

Be quick if you get a friend to the next!

And enjoy Bluetooth war !!!

The best games that you can strengthen your friendship with your friends are right here!(※ Be careful! Bluetooth charging is likely to lead to a real battle with friends!)

Realistic zoom in and out. You\’ll leave you in front of the best mobile nimble action game!

Now, scones, do not worry! And enjoy!

Please open the hidden character!

Good Luck to you !

Give Mighty Fighter 2 soon to tell your friends!

Mighty Fighter 2 comes a variety of characters.(General Fighting Games: ▶ Less than 16Mighty Fighter 2: ▶ more than 50)

Character of all genres are being cross-over.

Current Mighty Fighter 2 is popular all over the world.

Users who like fighting games should by all means.

Best game show the essence of parody.

* Oversee the planning and producers say the "Blue Wind":"You\’ll see the best fighting game!"

* Battle Master Planner engine "XarsTUL" says:"You will get the best combo systems!"

About the current character (continued being added …)

◈ Billy : the best fighting. Descendants of the Dragon.◈ Xarstul : sharp, pointed attacks are adept◈ DungMan : The attack shit. Dirty.◈ Ninja: Now formatting of darkness. Very fast.◈ Devil: A cute little devil.◈ Dingo: dingo incarnation of money. This will increase your body.◈ Roboto : just another pretty powerful Lobo.◈ Malang : Kung Fu Kid boy admired Bruce Lee.◈ Dragali : kung fu master who like porn.◈ Bunny Ladies : Cute bunny girl. However, the special moves and powerful.◈ Skelton : Articles skeleton. Attack is characterized by the bone◈ Moai : wrestling match. Man leading power.◈ Dog S.Y : yugigyeon fighters.◈ Street Yun : beggars who came from New York◈ Garius: The final boss of the game◈ Sonogong: The Fighting favorite porn◈ Cleaning: sonogong training with a shorty friend◈ Baejitul: alien fighters. Blast wave adept.◈ Piccolo: alien fighters. It increases limbs.◈ C.Tonaldo: The famous football player. Use kikman.◈ L.Nesi: Saturday\’s rival naldu. Free to use and limbs.◈ SibalMong: Monkey Fighter.◈ RiYori: hooligans who like to cook.◈ Two-piece: the fighting arms and legs are growing.◈ Antonio: properties dirty bully.◈ Lee Baedal: fighting for respect for the darling. Chinese restaurant serving top.◈ Miss Kim: women with no manners. Tobacco attacks and attacks Chanel bag.◈ Tojanya: Muay Thai fighter a lot of sleep.◈ Aren in advance: When it turns into a giant open.◈ Narutul: descendants of the ninja. Very fast.◈ Knuckle John: Owner of the speed machining.◈ Super Gario: Mr. geeks are adept in attack mushroom.◈ Bruce Lee: founder of the Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee.◈ Psykyo: boy superpowers to use a fire.◈ Terius: Fighting boy cap collecting hobby.◈ Misima.H: Fighting Dirty properties grandfather.◈ Clark: Mr. journalists. Once transformed into heat!◈ Sutaman: hero dressed in a spandex outfit. Keep only the United States.◈ Guan yu: One of the great general of the Three Kingdoms in China.◈ Bad man: Hero to rule the night. Poor character.◈ Spi man: Always spyware that secretly infiltrated. Georinda always looked.◈ Sorangka: His speed is Sonic. Turf is Blanka ! Indeed invincible!◈ yangkkochi yen :◈ Captain Afreeca:◈ Lion Man:◈ Jimmy:◈ Crapars :◈ Hyper Link:

…In addition there are a number of characters and you can not imagine.

How to play Mighty Fighter 2 on PC

Download and Install Nox App Player Android Emulator. Click here to download: Download(FREE)

Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store

Open Google Play Store and search Mighty Fighter 2 Download

Install Mighty Fighter 2 and start it

Well done! Now you can play Mighty Fighter 2 on PC, just like Mighty Fighter 2 for PC version.

We don't use Andy,Bluestacks again,they slow down your PC.We recommend the best android emulator: Nox App Player


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