Savanna Craft FOR PC WINDOWS 10/8/7 OR MAC

Savanna Craft FOR PC WINDOWS 10/8/7 OR MAC it the blocky-style featured item building adventure game where you need to make your own fortress, craft weapons, armor and other different things for protection in opposition to bandits and tribes. The game comes with cubical-blocky graphics where hero has to survive in the wild uncharted lands that packed with dangers also hungry in most corners. Savanna Craft FOR PC WINDOWS 10/8/7 OR MAC exploring the wildlife of any of the three worlds naming; Savannah, Canyon and Superflat, there are lots of items to be crafted, blocks for constructing buildings and defending. Being optimized for lighter device, the controls are simple and intuitive – four buttons to navigate through the respective axes, a button to attack and jump.

Finding necessary resources to build a good and reliable house which can fully protect from predators, you will also need to fight against elephants, rhinos, lions and other savannah animals. All through the game there is a thrill and suspense of exploring mines and undiscovered lands full of dangerous uncertainties and mysteries. Finally playing Savanna Craft FOR PC WINDOWS 10/8/7 OR MAC for the brave hero “Herobrin”, is more like “endurance of the fittest” in the wildest Savannah of cubical universe.


To download this game on your computer PC or laptop you need a good Android/ iOS game emulator which will help you run this game on any version of Windows or Mac smoothly.

Here is the list of some of the best Android emulators given below with the download link.

1- Nox App Player – Download Link

2- Nox App Player – Download Link

3- Nox App Player – Download Link

4- Nox App Player – Download Link

Now you will need to select any of the above mentioned Android/ iOS Emulator from the given list and follow the instructions given in the download link to successfully download and install Savanna Craft for PC Windows 10/8/7 Desktop PC or Laptop.

The most simpler and best way is to download Savanna Craft

1- Download Nox App Player from here–Link

2- Open the app

3- Click on the search and paste the game name Savanna Craft

4- Once it shows up, Just click on the install button to install the game on your PC.

That’s it. If you have any other player installed you can follow the instructions given in the download link.

We don't use Andy,Bluestacks again,they slow down your PC.We recommend the best android emulator: Nox App Player