Download aa Android

This is the simplest yet most addictive game which android could ever have. Yes, aa brings to a unique concept which will simply make you go crazy and mad after this game. Once you start playing this game, then there is no coming back. You will become addicted to it more than anything in the world. Do you remember playing the “snake” game on old mobile phones? Well, this game is surely as much addictive at that basic game. It is surely an amalgamation of speed, accuracy and strategy. If you are even slightly interested in the description of aa Android app, then download its APK file right now and see how amazing it is.

How the game works?

Before we actually discuss anything else regarding the APK, let us have a look at how this game actually works. Of course, one cannot know much about the game by simply reading its name. In this game, there is a large circle in the center of the screen which is rotating in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. There might be small black dots attached to the circle as well, with the help of strings. These strings will remain intact at all times. You will be given a number of small balls in each level, with a number on every ball. You aim is to drag that ball and attach it with the circle with the help of a string. However, it is not that simple! You need to make sure that you do not collide with any other ball attached to the circle. This means that you will also have to avoid all the black balls as well. It will be easy to attach the balls in the beginning of the level. However, as more balls will be attached on the circle, it will become quite difficult to attach further balls. This is where your judgement and skillset comes into being, which you will use in order to finish the level. Keep in mind that the difficulty of this game will tend to increase with every single level. So, be ready to face the challenge.

Get on top of the leadership board

There is an international leadership board for this game, like all others. This leadership board is updated with your score every single time you play this game. However, in order to enable this to happen, you must link your game with your Google account. Once done, you will be able to witness the scores of all the people who are in your circles. Yes, this means that you can now compete with your friends and show them how good you are at this game. Try to finish the maximum number of levels before your friends do, and let them know of your amazing skills at playing this game.

Attractive colors

It is quite interesting to note that aa Android APK has an extremely simple theme, yet it is considered to be one of the most attractive games out there. Well, this is surely because of the unique combination of colors used in this APK which leave a soothing impact on your mind. The simple interface also allows you to easily use this game. Moreover, the abrupt response from the game also provides you a perfect experience and allow you to control the game without any delays. Most importantly, animations and effects used in this game also add to its perfection and enable you to have an amazing experience. The sound effects will simply make you addicted to this game. What else does one possibly need?

Share your score with friends

Do you wish to show your friends that how well are you performing at this game? Well, then you have got a fantastic chance to share your score with your friends on social media. Yes, you can share your highest score on other social networking websites and let people know about how well you are performing at this game. This will surely help you distinguish yourself from all other players out there.

So, are you ready to be a part of this addictive yet amazing game? Then download its APK immediately and get all the entertainment you need.

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