Download Flashify Android

We all like those applications which provide us a greater control over our device. In fact, we are fond of using those applications which allow us to perform those actions which we are not able to perform otherwise. Flashify Android APK is one of those applications which brings a variety of added features to your Android device, which you will simply love. However, make sure that your device has been rooted before you install this APK, because it only works with rooted devices. The procedure to root you device is simple and is explain in various tutorials on the internet. You can get access to these tutorials for free and root your device easily. Once done, you will be able to enjoy all the cool features offered by Flashify. There are a variety of functions which can be actually performed using this app. These functions allow you to manage and handle information on your device in a more convenient manner. We should explore the working and functions of this application in detail in order to analyze how useful it is for us.

Flash files

As the name of this application suggests, its main purpose is to flash files. There are a variety of files which can be flashed with this app. This versatility has been added to support various formats and to provide you with a greater set of features. The files which can be flashed with the help of this application include the following:

      You can flash “boot.img” files easily. Simply set the path of this file in your device and the application will flash it for you.


      You can also flash “recovery.img” files. These recovery image files are essential in order to recover data on your device. This means that if you have lost any previous data, you can use a flashed recovery image file in order to get it back. There cannot be any simpler way of doing this for sure.


    You also have the amazing chance to flash zip files using this app. There are a lot of other options regarding zip files as well which you can make use of. You can even wipe data, dalvik or cache.

In addition to these basic files, you also have the chance to download and flash files of different formats. Some of these files include TWRP, CWM, Franco Kernel, Philz etc. These features are basically designed for advanced users, especially developers, who are looking forward to using the technical features of this application which tend to be quite helpful to them as well.

Backup everything easily

One of the resounding features of this application is that it provides you the ability to backup all of your files related to this app with ease. You can either choose the phone storage or the cloud storage to back up your files to make sure that they are safe. It is a good idea to back up your files to cloud storage because even if your device goes through a problem and all of the files get deleted, they will still be available on the cloud from which you can download them. For example, you can upload the recovery image files on the cloud to make sure that your recovery data is safe. In addition to this, Flashify Android APK also syncs your data from different devices. If you have installed this app in more than one device, then the data on this app on all of those devices will be synced. All you need to do it to log in to your online account for this app on every device, and all of your work will be done.

Flash from everywhere

Once you have installed this APK on your device, it will link itself with all the applications which you have on your phone. A “flash” feature will be added to the applications which are capable of supporting this feature. So now you do not need to run this app every time you need to flash something

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