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If you want to delve into the obscurities beneath every little things in life, love and what you truly feel, a selection of poetry would be a great handy companion for your mobile and desktop. Rediscover the past and ask yourself compelling questions that would stir new thoughts, inspirations and meaningful resolutions about your existence.

Remembering springtime

Looking for poems by Hovhannes Shiraz? Download Hovhannes Shiraz – Poems ANDROID APP on PC to get quick access to the notable Armenian poet’s selection of poetry. Notable for his first work, ‘Beginning of Spring’, his now popular name was actually taken from the city of roses, its fresh fragrance and morning dew. Not known to all, ‘Shiraz’ is only a moniker given to Hovhaness by a famous novelist, Atrpet, recognising Hovhannes Tedevosi Karapetyan as one of Iran’s famous lyrical poets hailing from the main city where beautiful roses bloom.

While sitting at the thinking chair

The frustrated poet in you would be completely sold out on this collection of poetry. For people who are searching for some thoughts for inspirations, Hovhannes Shiraz – Poems will certainly let your creativity come out. Even when you’re working in between deadline, you can get your thoughts easily if you launch the mobile application on your desktop. If you love posting cryptic messages to your blogs and social media account, you have another brilliant source for new ideas!

In deep thought

According to some written facts, Shiraz is also known to have a great sense of humour. Perhaps we could only wish some of his poems would have that too. But did you know that Hovhannes Shiraz became popular in Armenia for his anti-establishment principles? It seemed his entire life was devoted into fighting against corruption and bad leadership in the Soviet. Most of his works are known all over USSR back then and were interpreted by Nikolay Aseev and Arseny Tarkovsy, reaching his share of audiences from overseas. However, the poet himself is also known to love using metaphors, which could be a tad difficult to translate. If you speak the same language as his, then you’re lucky.

Why oh why poetry can be so strange

Be prepared to pour your heart into poetry when you download Hovhannes Shiraz- Poem ANDROID APP for PC. Daniel Janoyan, an Armenian translator, beautifully expressed the poet’s emotions with these lines:

In my dreams my door was knocked at,

“Who is it?” I asked from inside.

Some elderly lady from the outside

Answered and said, “I’d sacrifice myself for you.”


“I’ve come to ask for a piece of bread as charity

I’m a poor orphan woman with no one to support me.”

At this point I opened my door immediately,

Only to find a miracle; it was my deceased mother indeed!


I was shocked but fell into her arms;

And my mother said, “It’s me, it’s me,

I’ve come to try you and to check on you.

I hope life hasn’t changed your spirit and also you?!”


I came in the form of a beggar

So that the whole world can be a witness

To see if your conscience, my dear son,

If your conscience also died along with me?!”

Very well said!

Learning a few lines from the poem will only take a few minutes of your time. It not only pushes you to be a deep thinker, but also to memorise the lines when trying to impress someone. Of course other than mental block, we often find ourselves intimidated with words we don’t really quite hear so often. On that case, why not simultaneously launch your pocket dictionary app for PC so you can understand the lines with more meaning?

For the ‘lover’ in you…

Get a copy of Hovhannes Shiraz – Poems ANDROID APP on PC and discover some of the author’s masterpiece from his 40 poetry books and translations. Most of his published works after all, are poetry. He wrote some of the famous poems about love and patriotism such as the following:

To Andranik
The Fate of Armenians
My Holy Homeland
Like the Pagan Love
Siamanto and Khjezare
May My Love Remain a Secret
My Mother

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